Wedgwood England Fairyland Lustre Vase (ca. 1920)    

Condition: Excellent

Measurement: H 8” x W 4” x D 4”

Ref. No.: 201                            Price: $8,250

Vintage PY Watermelon Anthropomorphic Coronet Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers, Collector's Item

Made in Japan

Condition: excellent

Size: H 3" x Dia 3" (top)

Ref. No.: 202                         Price: $120

Antique English Locking Liquor Decanter Caddy/Two Bottle Tantalus with Key

Condition: Pre-owned – Good. Wear is consistent with age and use

There are some nicks on the tip and bottom of one of the decanters and tips of the stoppers but overall in good condition. Cut crystal canters are original with fine bone China Sandford tags. Caddy is in a fine antique condition. Please see photos.

Measurement: H 12″ including the handle x W 10″ x H 5″


Ref. No.: 203                                Price: $250

Lalique France Crystal Rare Circa 1960s Oval Shape Plate

Condition: excellent, mint

Measurement: L 10 3/4" x W 8 3/4 x D 1 1/2"

Ref. No.: 204                            Price: $598

Hudson Bay Company 325 Year Anniversary Silver Plated Jewelry Box

Condition: NWB

Measurement: H: 5" x W: 4 1/2" x D: 3 1/2"

Ref. No.: 205                         Price: $79

Vintage Fenton Art Glass Blue Hobnail Opalescent Vases or Toothpick or Candle Holders

Condition: excellent

Measurement: H: 3 3/4" x W: 3" x D: 3"


Ref. No.: 206                                Price: $59

Paragon Double Warrant Vintage Gold Overlay Pink Cup

Condition: very good to excellent

Size: Dia 4"

Ref. No.: 207                            Price: $54

Paragon Double Warrant Vintage Gold Overlay Peach Cup

Condition: excellent

Size: Dia 4"

Ref. No.: 208                         Price: $54

Vintage "Be a Clown" by Schmid  1981 Michel Oks Porcelain Pierrot Love Music Box 

Condition: excellent

Size: L 3 3/4" x H 3 1/2" x W 3 1/2"

Ref. No.: 209                                Price: $30


Colorful Cute Cow Ceramic Coin Bank

Condition: Very good

Measurement: L 7" x H 5" x W 4"

Ref. No.: 210                            Price: $15

Vintage Goebel Large Dachshund Ceramic Sitting Puppy West Germany 30032-16

Condition: very good to excellent

Size: L 7" x W 5" x H 6"

Ref. No.: 211                         Price: $55

Russian Hand Painted Landscape Lacquer Trinket Box

Condition: very good to excellent

Size: L 2 3/4" x W 1 3/4" x H 1"


Ref. No.: 212                                Price: $50

Vintage 1991 Fitz and Floyd Ceramic Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers

Condition: overall very good with unnoticeable nick on the right ear as shown on the picture

Measurements: H 4" x L 2 1/2" x W 2 1/2"

Ref. No.: 213                            Price: $20

Wedgwood 1971 Calendar Year Collector Decorative Plate with Original Box

Made in England

Condition: very good.

Measurement: Dia 10"

Ref. No.: 214                         Price: $30


Vintage Handmade Collectible Musical Box Boy and Girl Figurines

Made in Japan

Condition: very good

Measurement: H 6 1/2" x D 4"


Ref. No.: 215                                Price: $20